Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) workshop

Z603: Workshop in Library and Information Science
TOPIC: Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS)

Department of Information and Library Science
Indiana University, Bloomington

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the Library of Congress’ Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS) metadata structure standard, an increasingly used resource description standard for digital libraries. The MODS workshop is intended for students and individuals interested in pursuing careers in digital libraries, metadata specialization, cataloging, or those interested in learning about emerging metadata standards. Students will learn when MODS is appropriate for use as a metadata format, where it fits in the larger metadata landscape, and where MODS fits in the lifecycle of digital library projects. Students will also gain experience with some supporting technologies such as XML and XSLT.


Knowledge of RDA and/or AACR2, library cataloging standards, and the MARC bibliographic data standard, as gained through the completion of Z504: Cataloging, is required for success in this course.

Students who have taken Z503: Representation and Organization or Z634: Metadata may enroll for this course but should complete a set of readings before the first class meets.

Students who have not taken any of the courses listed above should contact the instructor before enrolling.

Past Syllabi

Summer II 2013 Syllabus
Summer II 2012 Syllabus
Summer II 2011 Syllabus