MODS Workshop Prerequisite

Z603: Workshop in Library and Information Science
TOPIC: Metadata Object Description Schema (MODS)

Department of Information and Library Science
Indiana University, Bloomington

Prerequisite Courses

An understanding of the standards and practices of library cataloging is essential to effectively using the MODS metadata structure standards.

For most students, completing the prerequisite course, Z504: Cataloging, will provide this understanding.

Students who have taken Z503: Representation and Organization or Z634: Metadata may enroll for this course but should complete a set of readings before the first class meets.

Students who have not taken any of the MODS workshop prerequisite courses may register for the workshop after obtaining written permission from the instructor and are responsible for completing the following readings.

Readings to be completed prior to the workshop

Students will find completing the following readings before starting the first week’s MODS encoding assignments will be of most use: